Five Questions Friday: Do dogs have a sixth sense?

Q: So how did we forget to post 5 Questions Friday last week when it was practically all done? You even picked the photo with Jaxson waiting for you!
Eric: You are asking me? I can hardly remember what state I was in last Friday. I think it was Georgia.

Q: So here’s my proof that your dog was waiting patiently for you to arrive back home after being gone for a week. Do you really think he had a sixth sense that you were coming home that day? I mean he dragged out the pillow from your movie room that morning and stayed there practically all day? 
Eric: Maybe he does. I’m just glad we put all the crappy pillows in the movie room. You know he can only get the small ones out through the dog door. I’ve seen him try with the larger ones.

Q: I saw Suzanne’s mini baskets cut in half for her Sailor’s Valentines. How about we lacquer up some of your mini baskets and cut those in half to stick on my paintings???
Eric: You are joking right?

Q: So I have to ask and excuse me for being ignorant, especially since I’m a basketmaker’s wife… but why is it so different weaving a basket off of the mold like your City Pack Basket?
They are two different skill sets. If you are used to working on a mold and then have to weave off one, it can be a whole new challenge.
So the Cottage Girls did great then?
Yes, they did.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Getting whacked in the head inadvertently with a City Pack Basket carried by one of my students.
And she was mortified and I think a little shocked! Poor Mr. Basketmaker…



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