A Mini-Mold Production Day

Mr. Basketmaker was busy over the weekend making a whole bunch of mini-molds…


This is the final stage in creating Eric’s molds for his Cottage Smalls kits.


The varnish has been applied to seal them and then they sit to dry. Actually there’s one more stage that I missed. He identifies each mold on the top and signs them. Then they are done.

I think they are works of art. But they are only the molds one weaves a basket on. I say that lightly because of all the work, including these molds, that goes into weaving one tiny basket of Eric’s. It’s not “only a mold” but the foundation to produce something beautiful and 100% hand-crafted and in the U.S.A. I might add…

7 thoughts on “A Mini-Mold Production Day”

  1. The molds look beautiful lined up on their posts. Very artistic! I treasure my molds. When I see one, I remember all the baskets I’ve made using them!

  2. I agree they are works of art. They are often displayed as a collection. Some (Suzanne, Tony to name a couple) have enviable collections.

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